BRAZILIAN "BELLA" from $120 - $180

  • We sell 100% raw and unprocessed hair devoid of synthetic fibers.  Because our hairs are harvested from a single donor and wefted, no tangling or matting occurs.
  • We feature flat and secure custom wefts, giving our hair bundles a seamless appearance that promotes a natural, luster look.
  • The hair cuticles are arranged in the same direction from top to bottom, secured by strong wefts, making the hair function as if it is growing out of your own scalp.

    With proper care our naturally flowing hair can last for over a year.  It can be colored without any problems.

  • Our hair is reusable as well as affordable.

    We provide fast shipping.




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Straight, Body Wave, DeepWave, Loose Wave


12"14"16", 14"16"18", 16"18"20", 20"22"24", 22"24"26", 24"26"28"


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